New switch in the house

by Volker Weber

netgear gs724ts

I was having some difficulties streaming videos from the ReadyNAS to the EVA8000. When that happens, I first blame the cable. Replaced all patch cables but was still having issues. If it's not the cables, it must be the switch. I only had unmanaged dumb switches so I needed a replacement. I now have a GS724TS, a 24 port stackable "Smart Switch". Boy, this is one noisy gear. But as it sits in the basement, I actually don't care at all.

Now I have to learn how to manage the switch. Or, as a matter of fact, I don't have to. Because all my issues have been resolved. If a hammer does not help, get a bigger hammer. That was too early. I did have another aborted video. RMon on the switch says everything is fine. No problem on the two ports involved. Next stop: move the video to a different device and see if the error persists.


I have also been having trouble streaming videos from a ReadyNAS to an EVA8000. Part way through a video, it will suddenly stop playing. I have a Neatgear JGS524 unmanged switch so maybe that is part of the problem. It is also noisy but in a cupboard so replacing it with a GS724TS should not be an issue.

Further, when the video does stop, a video encoded DivX will start to play at the same spot it finished whereas one encoded XviD will only play again if I power off the EVA8000. Have you seen this behaviour?

Danny Jamieson, 2008-01-17

Probably. Are you seeing an SMB error?

Volker Weber, 2008-01-18

On the ReadyNAS? Not sure. I will check next time the problem occurs.

Danny Jamieson, 2008-01-18

As an aside, on a whim, I recently replaced an outlying 100 meg switch with a gigabit switch. In both cases, the outlying switch was linked by a 30 metre CAT 5 cable run to my primary gigabit switch. The impact on throughput was astounding. For example, data rate from my TiVo (100 meg I/F) to my desktop (gigabit I/F) over the two switch path went up three-fold (from 1 megabyte/sec to 3 megabytes/sec). Not quite sure why, but that's what I observed.

Nick Shelness, 2008-01-18

Maybe it's just me, but it strikes me as odd reading those two product names in conjunction: are you actually talking about a ReadyNAS home disk array and a HP EVA8000 enterprise-grade storage system?!

Jochen Lillich, 2008-01-18


Ole Saalmann, 2008-01-18

I full 4TB of ReadyNAS with video, it only breaks up over wireless when I'm playing high bitrate content.

You fail to mention whether the videos are served up using SMB of the UPNP interface.

What are the video codecs? What bitrate? What playback device?

I know it should work, I'm just curious about your bandwidth requiremnet.

Ben Rose, 2008-01-18

SMB performance on the ReadyNAS is pretty good. But AFP is better :-D

Ben Poole, 2008-01-18

I gather NFS is best ;)

Ben Rose, 2008-01-18

Thanks, Ole, I really was confused. :-)

Jochen Lillich, 2008-01-18

Vowe, I hope you're getting a healthy discount for your all Netgear stuff. ;)

Kieren Johnson, 2008-01-19

I could probably make a living from recommending blue Netgear boxes. (Only the blue ones.) But I am not trying. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2008-01-20

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