IBM releases beta of Notes 8.5 for the Mac

by Volker Weber

notes 85 download

While 8.0.1 is being readied for release, IBM has also published the first public beta of Notes 8 for the Mac. It is designated to be released as version 8.5. We may hear details about 8.5 this week at Lotusphere. If you have installed and tried Notes 8 on the Mac, lets us know about your findings. I won't be bogging down the network here at Lotusphere with yet another 730+ MB download.

Update: It appears the download has now been fixed, and you are no longer fetching a server install for Solaris:

The file is now "only" 695 MB in size, but I cannot confirm the content since I am not going to bog down the most excellent network here with another download. One would think this problem could easily be solved with BitTorrent. But then you could neither "agree" to a license nor have marketing brag about the number of downloads.

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Dont bother downloading this just yet... I just did, what a waste of WDW bandwidth.

It is 608MB, and the file is a domino server package for Solaris. Someone appears to have uploaded the wrong file. Hang on until you hear otherwise here, or wait until it reports a different, larger file size when downloading.

Andy Mell, 2008-01-20

Yes, documentation (readme_mac85beta.pdf) is 3.49MB instead of 2MB as stated on the download page (and is no mac 8.5 but a 8.0.1 documentation).

Client (notes8x_macosx_standard_beta.tar) is 6ß8.06MB instead of 730MB.

Sascha Reissner, 2008-01-20

As Andy said, this is not Notes for the Mac. Leave well alone. The tarball contains a Domino server release for Solaris.


Ben Poole, 2008-01-20

Seems like they have fixed their incorrect files.

> Subject: Dowload issues have been fixed. Please retry >
> Feedback response number SLAE7B2VR9 created by Sarah Lachance on 20.01.2008

Sascha Reissner, 2008-01-21

New file still has the same .tar filename (instead of a .dmg) but is now 695MB in size. Still waiting for the basic client as I cannot befriend myself with that fancy "standard" stuff.

Sascha Reissner, 2008-01-21

My old school PPC Mac will have to wait until next week. The "Basic" download, according to this post by Jan Kenney, will be available next week.

Ken Porter, 2008-01-21

Vowe, the agree thing could have been handled via a very IBMish thing like that pass protected .zip with "agree" as password -- just like they did before.

Sascha Reissner, 2008-01-21

On a private, registration required, torrent tracker you could have both licence agreement before download of the torrent file and count the number of snatches.

Ben Rose, 2008-01-21

The download site now has the notes8x)macosx_basic_beta.dmg file for us PPC Leopard users [pic]. Downloading now....

Ken Porter, 2008-01-21

I've upgraded my 7.0.3 client with no problems on an Intel Leopard MacBook Pro. Notes (8.5 beta) seems snappy enough and the footprint is around 250 MB with the Sametime 8 client included. Had it up for a couple of hours with a 2+GB mailbox with no problems (yet).

No complaints and more of a pleasure to work with then 7.0.3. Fonts look way better but I'm still using the 7.0.2 template so I'm not sure of changes that may have been brought to the 8 version. I'm definitely glad to have a native 8 client for Mac!

Asad Quraishi, 2008-01-21

I've upgraded aswell and was happy to be able to upgrade without uninstalling my previous version 7.0.3 client from my Intel MacBook.
I confirm ... no complaints so far. It's a bit slower starting up, but then is stable and works fine. I hope to keep this impression and am looking forward to the finale version. Best to all you guys in Orlando.
Cheers Mark

Mark Ehmann, 2008-01-22

Anybody can share the file? IBM's authentication server is having problems and I´m getting an error.

Gustavo Cateriano, 2008-01-29

I've installed it on a brandnew clean macbook pro. It worked for about tree days. Since this morning Notes 8 does not start anymore. Clicking the icon results in...nothing. I have tried the un-installer. That worked fine. Only after re-trying the install. The following error occurs:

The following install step failed: run postflight script for Expeditor framework. Contact the software manufaturer for assistance.

Any clue anyone?

Erwin van den Berg, 2008-01-30

Um, log it in the beta forum? I suspect the uninstaller doesn’t do much beyond removing the main Notes 8 bits. Eclipse-based products have a habit of leaving hidden directories around. Try an ls -a in your home directory to see.

Ben Poole, 2008-01-30

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