The annual Microsoft spoilers for Lotusphere are in

by Volker Weber

Microsoft Corporate Vice President Chris Capossela outlines new resources designed to help customers transition to Microsoft’s unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) platform and the impact this business is having on the company’s bottom line.

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Hahahaha, they just can't help themselves, can they? :)

It really has go to the point where it's just funny in a pathetic kind of way.

Kerr Rainey, 2008-01-21

It's almost like their Head of Marketing is what we would call a "one trick pony"

Ben Rose, 2008-01-21

The usual depressing, negative, hot air-filled, splurge of FUD-focused anti-Lotus messages on Lotusphere Monday.

As always, I'm sure we'll see some useless tools that won't do the job, that lead customers down dead-end failed migrations, increasing licence costs and towards ever greater vendor lock-in...

For goodness sake, Microsoft, move on... Let's see some innovation instead of the same tired old thinking? Perhaps you could even show us a roadmap or two?

Stuart McIntyre, 2008-01-21

good to see Microsoft get engaged in a recycling effort
Microsoft courts Lotus developers - 2004
Microsoft aims to topple Lotus' Domino - 2006

Alan Bell, 2008-01-21

I suspect the news coming out of Lotusphere this year is going to render the annual MS FUD even more useless than usual. Pitiful.

Ed Maloney, 2008-01-21

My comments here

@Ed M -- please be sure to find me again this week. Too cold outside last night to chat!

Ed Brill, 2008-01-21

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