Bill Is Saad

by Volker Weber

Last time he was on GMail, now he upgraded to Hotmail. He still likes Windows though. :-)



Well, you certainly can't argue with the logic of his argument.


Kerr Rainey, 2008-01-23

his b0rked caps lock maybe the reason for his aggro.

Stefan Domanske, 2008-01-23

Yeah, I would also be pissed if my laptop keyboard would be broken. :)

But I think he just took the wrong pills... or too many of them... or not enough. :)

By the way: Ubuntu for everyone! ^^

Daniel Haferkorn, 2008-01-23

Could anybody translate dis in a understantable englisch :-)

Henrik Heigl, 2008-01-23

Well, I suppose that he is just adopting the name of a real scumbag, rather than being the man himself, but I'm sure you will let us know if he makes any more appearances....

Nick Daisley, 2008-01-24


an UnSTAble English dis like this can not be translated.
You need to join his state of mind to 'understand'. ;-)

Cu, Martin

Martin Forisch, 2008-01-24

I translated it as follows:

Blah, blah, blah, I got no love as a child, blah, blah blah.

Keith Smillie, 2008-01-25

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