Lotusphere Presentation Batch Download

by Volker Weber


Stephan Wissel has provided a great script to download all session presentations:

Lotusphere 2008 online features 177 PDF files with the session presentations. You can download it in one go. You need:

More >

For the Mac, the syntax is a bit different. Curl is included in Mac OS X, wget is not:

curl --user yourusername:yourpassword --remote-name http://www.ls08.net/confapps/pdf.nsf/ceda8c2d1ee3648785256e1c000e1a47 /61220B535FF550A2852573CD00720959/\$file/AD101.pdf

Replace yourusername:yourpassword with the string on your Lotusphere badge. Please note the backslash to escape the $-sign. I took the liberty to edit the script accordingly. Download here, replace user name and password, make executable (chmod +x getLotuspherePresentations) and run (./getLotuspherePresentations).

That is a 269 MB download. Compressed as one ZIP file it would only be 224 MB. But I guess that would be too easy. ;-)


just a small hint :-). If you change some of the lines in your script, you are able to download all listed presentations. There are some lines in the script with http://ww. instead of http://www.

Carsten Meyer-Rühen, 2008-01-28

Oops. Fixed. :-)

Volker Weber, 2008-01-28

If youre having trouble with this script, its caused by the DOS line endings that firefox adds when you save the link. To fix in the terminal use:

strings getLotuspherepresentations > getLP
chmod +x getLP

Andy Mell, 2008-01-28

Now all we need are the promised mp3 recordings of the sessions. To be accurate, 134 mp3 recordings.

Caveat: As accurate as a Lotusphere mangled mind can be of course...

Lars Berntrop-Bos, 2008-01-29

So, where do you think those MP3s are? I've been checking my Lotusphere Online webmail account, still no sign of it. Almost Feb. 22 now (when LS Online goes down) and that ON24 site doesn't seem to work for me ;-)

Kevin Frey, 2008-02-15

Ah, security by obscurity strikes again. Too funny. Or too sad. Not sure which. They sent the link to ON24 out today.

First amusing point, and presumably why Kevin can't get in: you have to @UpperCase(YourPassword) to login.

Second, and much more entertaining, is that you don't really need to login at all. The url below will download one of the MP3 files as a podcast. Change the sessionid variable to download others. iterate from 1 to n to get them all. Normally, I wouldn't give out the top secret magic codes (or I'd at least feel guilty), but this type of "security" really demands a response...

Super Secret Link

Rob McDonagh, 2008-02-16

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