Ben Langhinrichs: From the "Americans don't do irony" department

by Volker Weber

Well, it was a great Lotusphere, and it seemed that IBM had finally gotten some of the Web 2.0 spirit - openness, collaboration, mashups, enlisting the community rather than going it alone. But alas, not in all things. I have been asked to stop sharing with the community the links to speaker's presentations and samples in my Sessions db, because IBM wants to control and limit the distribution of such content.

Maybe a Wiki is the answer. A real one.

And besides, Ben is not talking about irony. But how could he now? ;-)

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seen this one that hit the wild? A free filesharing site form someone in Europe

Chris Miller, 2008-01-30

Great, that saves me from having to set up a torrent. :-)

Charles Robinson, 2008-01-30

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