Bob Balaban leaves IBM to work as VP of R&D at Binary Tree

by Volker Weber

bob at ls 08

Some of you saw this coming. And this time it was Rocky who dropped the hint.

I came back from Lotusphere with a new job. That's right, as of January 29, I have resigned my position at IBM. My new job is Vice President of R & D at Binary Tree. I'm real excited about jumping in to a great company that I'm already familiar with (they were one of my first customers back in 1997/98 when I left Iris the first time, and started Looseleaf Software). My last day as an IBM employee will be Friday, Feb. 8

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Congratulations, Bob. But I have this nagging feeling that one day you will once again work for Google, IBM or Microsoft. Binary Tree has excellent migration tools. :-)

You may also want to revisit Bob's post of April 2007. Somebody else will have to do this job now.


Well, the staff running the Binary Tree booth at Lotusphere08 were very persuasive. I think one of them may have sold me a timeshare. Perhaps they got to Bob.

Best wishes to Bob, and hopefully the work he and Rocky were doing will not be dropped by IBM.

Ed Maloney, 2008-02-01

I am starting to despair about ever getting that LSX Toolkit.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2008-02-01

Ah come on Bob, fess up. It was the demo dollies (aka booth babes) Binary Tree had at the ped !

Glen Salmon, 2008-02-01

According to Bob, the LSX Toolkit is done but needs legal approval. I hope it does not get put aside because he's moving on to new ventures . . . Good luck Bob!

Sean Harris, 2008-02-02

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