And the winner is ...

by Volker Weber

The iPhone has arrived

I took three mobiles to Lotusphere   I admit that is pretty nerdy. All of them had WiFi. A BlackBerry, a Nokia smartphone and an iPhone. They were all loaded, with a GSM chip and ready to go. But I have only used one: the iPhone.

These are the applications I needed:

The iPhone wins hands down. eMail is not on par with BlackBerry, but good enough. The widgets are nice. But the photo album was the final push. Interestingly enough I have not used the iPhone as an iPod even once. I still carried a "real" iPod with excellent battery life and a standard headset plug.


I for my part cant wait for hopefully a new iPhone anytime this year.
The E0 is a brlliant Phone but everytime I see my friends iPhone I want it. that says it all I guess. And it ultmatly has the most important functions as you just pointed out.

Teymur Madjderey, 2008-02-08

> I still carried a "real" iPod with excellent battery life and a standard headset plug.

Does the iPhone not have a "standard headset plug"? Thats one of the features I love at my BlackBerry Curve - all the other BlackBerry devices have a special, smaller plug.

Thomas Einwaller, 2008-02-08

My next mobile will also be an iPhone, as soon as it supports a Todo application - necessary for users with an age of over 50 :), MMS and UMTS.

Andy Brunner, 2008-02-08

@Thomas The iPhone has a standard sized plug, but it is recessed and so most third party headphone jacks will not fit. There are a number of solutions out there to get round this, but it is still a bit of an inconvenience...

Stuart McIntyre, 2008-02-08

Thomas, Stuart answered the question already. But I'd like to add that with the iPhone you have he same situation as with the older BlackBerrys, the Nokias, the Treos et al. You need to carry a small dongle that translates from the device to your headphone. On the other devices it is a 2.5mm to 3.5mm dongle. On the iPhone it translates from the recessed iPhone socket to the standard plug. That is one moving part I just replaced with an iPod (that I already had).

Volker Weber, 2008-02-08

iPhone may well be great, but I'll have to stick with my BB Curve for now as I do not want an O2 contract. Vodafone remains the best mobile network for business in the UK.

Perhaps, if Apple ever sees reason regarding its policy of locking into a single carrier in each geography...

Chris Linfoot, 2008-02-08

Surprised not to see the E90 listed, but I know the NokiaBerry is very similar.

Ben Rose, 2008-02-08

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