New headphones: Sony MDR-V700DJ

by Volker Weber

sony mdr v700

John sent me these headphones from the UK via DHL and they were here within a day. Wow.

I have wanted these for a long time. They are very bulky, so you don't want to wear them for hours on end. But they do fit my pretty large head (size 8, or 64cm) and they have some characteristics which make them fit for DJing: excellent bass performance, swivel earcups which are also reversible. They also need just one milliwatt to put out 107 db. Which can make for a very funny combination: bulky headphones and tiny iPod nano. The plug is larger than the iPod. ;-)

iPod nano with Sony MDR-V700DJ

One item scratched from my wishlist. Thank you, John. Much appreciated.


Tja, dann hätte ich was Neues für Deine Wunschliste. Auch von Sony: PFR-V1. Nicht so super zum Auflegen, aber sonst offenbar der Hammer. Und wohl auch schwer zu bekommen hierzulande.

Thomas Cloer, 2008-02-08

Hello Volker, those headphones look tempting. One question though: How well do they fit when wearing glasses? Or is that no problem at all?

Henning Stoerk, 2008-02-08

Out of interest, how do they compare to the Bose over ear (as opposed to smaller, on ear) headsets? I've always found the former (provided in business class on AA transatlantic flights) unbelievably awesome.

Nick Shelness, 2008-02-08

The noise-canceling Bose headset is awesome for the job it is intended to do. They are much lighter, put less pressure on the head. So they are more comfortable than these Sonys.

They don't work so well if you want to hear music while other music is playing around you at 110 to 120 db. These Sony headset also are built to withstand much more physical abuse, starting with the plug and cable. I guess it all depend on the application.

If you want noise cancellation while traveling with your own headset, I prefer headsets inside your ear canal like these over the Bose anytime. The active noise cancellation does not even come close to the isolation of a passive ECH. However, you cannot put these quickly on and off so they are only suitable if you want to listen over an extended period of time.

Volker Weber, 2008-02-08

Henning, that probably depends on the glasses. It works will with mine.

Volker Weber, 2008-02-08

Hi Volker, just a quick word of warning about these headphones, try to be careful when taking them on and off. The swivel joints on these cans can weaken after a while and snap.. I'm a semipro DJ and after 9months of professional use they gave way.. Its happened to some of my colleagues too!

Apart from that great choice! The sound quality is very good when being used in loud clubs!

Andy Dennis, 2008-02-11

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