Translation from marketing speech to plain english

by Volker Weber

First we need to set the stage: Cessna has announced a new gear called SkyCatcher. Lots of positive comments on the Cessna blog. Until they announced where the Skycatcher is going to be built: Shenyang Aircraft Corporation, Peoples Republic of China ... and then hell broke lose.

Marketing was in shock. Blog comments don't have to be positive? Holy cow! So the company issued a statement which we translate to plain english:

Important Changes to the SkyCatcher Site (January 25, 2008)

First off, we would like to personally thank everyone who has joined the conversation about our new Cessna SkyCatcher. Your comments and opinions surrounding this bold new venture are extremely valuable to us and especially as first flight gets closer.


As the excitement builds, our site has also evolved. We’ve implemented new methods and editorial protocols to better facilitate communication.

No more free speech.

At the same time, we’ve added a new site feature that will include all of the very latest SkyCatcher product updates. This section is called e-Briefs.

We have shut down the blog.

Here’s how the site works: we now invite you to submit your comment to our site editors for consideration of online posting, much like traditional publishing.

Everything will be censored.

This will give us a better opportunity to respond with our own comments on a more regular basis. You can rest assured that views representative of all sides of an issue will be chosen for display on the site by our editorial staff.

Critical comments are not welcome.


Yeah, but at least they've obviously gotten the message and are changing their product implementation strategy to accommodate their future China.

Andrew Pollack, 2008-02-11

Wow. That's pretty straight forward. They don't screw around do they?

Well, gotta buy a Piper then :)


Johannes Matzke, 2008-02-11

Comment found on a newsgroup:

"Cessna disabled the feedback portion of their website and deleted the thousands of angry messages from THEIR CUSTOMERS! They've already learned alot from the Chinese."

Hajo Schmitt, 2008-02-11

Vowe pulls the plug on weird comments here and it´s ok to do so: It is where he lives. Cessna clean their front porch. So what? Like, people are so upset all of a sudden about the new world order in which the chinese are on top and the rest of us are somewhere else or what?

Burning billions in Iraq doesn´t stop the chinese from buying Africa. And no, they don´t speak french in Hungary. *grin*

Armin Roth, 2008-02-11

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