by Volker Weber

Speedcabling is a competitive sport created by steven schkolne in which contestants race to unravel a bundle of wires.

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[Thanks, Nick]


That site needs pics!

Ben Rose, 2008-02-13

Follow the links:



Hans Giesers, 2008-02-13

Interesting but does it have the same kind of adrenaline rush as Extreme Ironing?

Bob Congdon, 2008-02-13

@bob, No, but I think you might have spawned it's more exciting cousin - Extreme Speedcabling

Kerr Rainey, 2008-02-13

a view days ago I found found something similar.

Henrik Heigl, 2008-02-14

In case there is someone here not reading boingboing:

Speed Cabling on BBTV

Ole Saalmann, 2008-02-14

Has anyone looked at their rules? Cables in three different colors. Now that's child's play. The cables need to be same color ;-)

Joerg Michael, 2008-02-14

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