Just right

by Volker Weber

irene chip

Do you know this feeling when everything is just right? Yesterday we had this moment in life. After a successful conference day at the edcom Nachlese LCTY event in Munich, we were enjoying a most delicious six course dinner at the Master's Home. And then Chip played the guitar and Irene was singing. And everything was just right. Life can be so beautiful.


I know exactly what you mean.

When Ralph and I were in San Juan we came across the Sunday night "neighbourhood get together" where about 150 people that live in Old Town bring their folding chair and gather in a circle on the side of the road to sing with drums and other rhythms instruments. Most of those people were over the age of 50 and when a group of young kids stopped by, one of the older leaders of the event grabbed a young guy to the middle of the circle and asked him to sing.

After some razzing from his friends, he did, and since he sang the Puerto Rico song, soon every single person there was singing along loudly.
Then the young girls went to the middle of the circle and started to dance, followed by the young guys, which then turned around to ask several older women to dance. It was impossible not to shake along at least a little and the pure joy on the older women's faces, that hadn't felt alive like that in a while, was stunningly gorgeous!

It was incredible music and dancing, interaction without alterior motives, a community coming together to celebrate life - the whole thing was just magical and we were honored to have witnessed it!
Exactly the way life is supposed to be!

francie tanner-whitlock, 2008-02-14

Hello Volker,

i felt it too. It was at the LCTY event for the first time and i was totally impressed of everything. I enjoyed the evening event very much, especially the little "jam session" of Irene and Chip. They really made it a perfect evening. Thanks for the "Geheimtip" to me and my colleague.
I strongly hope that i will be there again for the LCTY in 2009. But sadly we are 3 Domino administrators and only 1 is allowed to go to the LCTY event... So maybe see you in 2011!

Best regards

Manfred Wiktorin, 2008-02-15

That was the perfect evening, Volker. Of course, perfect evenings rarely happen accidentally, and this one was due to you and Otto and others who sponsored and organized the conference. It will provide many fond memories for years to come. And now I'm back in the states where we're half as relaxed and half as civilized. :-) Thanks again for the wonderful time.

Chip Carter, 2008-02-18

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