Amazing panorama of the Airbus 380 flight deck

by Volker Weber


You have to see this: a panorama of the Airbus 380 flight deck. And Gilles has more >

[Merci, Claude]


Cool, the navigation officer got one of the early prototypes of the MacBook.
Given the A380's cost they should be able to upgrade to the Air ...

Mariano Kamp, 2008-02-19

So, one pilot has to be left handed and the other right handed?

Michael Heinz, 2008-02-19

Oh, that hurts. Nonpilots .... ;-)
There is no navigation officer on a modern airplane. Two man cockpits are the savest form of crew.

In almost every side-by-side cockpit the pilot in the left seat uses his left hand to fly and his right hand to manage the throttle. The other way round for the pilot in the right. Flying planks (airplanes) does not take so much coordination effort that you would not be able to fly it with any hand. Not so for helicopters. The pilot uses his right hand to manipulate the cyclic (right, left, back and forward) and his left hand for the collectiv (up and down). Switching hands is normaly only donne for fun. A helicopter is not stable, therefore the pilot must constantly correct with fine movements his flight path. It is easier to train just one hand to do this. But it does not matter, if the pilot is left or right handed.
But that can be learned by anybody. Flying is easy, fun and way less stress then driving a car.

Christian Tillmanns, 2008-02-20

> Flying is easy, fun

Landing is the hard part :-)

Matthias Leisi, 2008-02-20

Christian, thanks for the enlightenment. By navigation officer I meant the person on the third seat. How do you call that guy? Or is it usually empty?

Anyway. A black laptop is attached to the third seat.

Mariano Kamp, 2008-02-22

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