New poll: what do you think about Microsoft's new openness

by Volker Weber

Yesterday Microsoft announced it will open up protocol specifications and APIs for many products and improve support for open standards and interoperability with open source software. What do you think about Microsoft's new openness?

  1. It's a good thing
  2. Step in the right direction
  3. Close but no cigar
  4. Smoke and mirrors

The results:



I think it proves again how flexible and purely committed to success these guys are. They have certain mind sets like each of us but they do not hesitate to challenge them.

Compare this desicion to Ballmer's old talking about Open Source being a cancer etc and you see how much they have changed their position.

I am strongly declined towards Linux and Open Source but I think we must acknowledge that MS hasn't come that far by being stupid. And I am afraid this move was a good one for them.

Tim Toron, 2008-02-22

There's a quote I read somewhere about this that sticks in my mind, don't know where I heard it, that went something like this :

"Balmer probably still thinks that Open Source is a cancer, but now he thinks he has found a way to make money of it."

Alex Boschmans, 2008-02-22

This poll needs an option for "I don't care, just show me the result"

Ben Rose, 2008-02-22

@Ben - if you don't care, you don't need to see the result :-P

Chris Linfoot, 2008-02-22

@Chris - I knew somebody would say that. I need to know the result so I know which side most people are on so I can argue from the other side of the fence ;O)

Ben Rose, 2008-02-22

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