New toy: Tivoli Audio Model ONE

by Volker Weber

tivoli audio

vowe's magic flying circus is mostly digital. But once in a while I enjoy analog equipment like a mechanical watch, a good engine, or in this case a fine radio. Yesterday I was able to buy a Tivoli Audio Model ONE which had been returned to the store and was sold at a discount. It's a fine piece of equipment with a very basic UI. One switch, a frequency dial and a volume knob. Not only does it tune in on a wide selection of radio channels with nothing but its internal antenna, it also sounds quite nice for such a small box.


Excellent purchase. I have been using this model for a few months now and absolutely love it. Amazing sound for such a small radio and it picks up signals in places where other radios couldn't... also a beautiful piece of machinery IMHO. Enjoy!


Kirk Kuykendall, 2008-02-24

The absolutely amazing thing is you have something called Tivoli that doesnt need six servers, four months of consultants time and doesnt work..

Nice one!

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2008-02-24

ROFLMAO, Bill..... :-)

Armin Roth, 2008-02-24

I have the model two and just added the optional subwoofer. The system sounds and looks great. This has definitely been one of my most satisfying purchases in the past few years.

Ed Maloney, 2008-02-24

Enjoy it for the next 4 years. When the analog radio is switched off in 2010 in germany it will be a wonderful crafted relict for your shelf.

Richard Kaufmann, 2008-02-24

Bei diesem Traumtänzertermin aus den 90ern bin ich ganz entspannt.

Volker Weber, 2008-02-24

I have the Model Two as well and love it. I use it with a docking station for my iPods for upstairs. It looks great and people are amazed at the sound that it produces.

I would be interested in those with the subwoofer and whether it adds that much more. When I originally bought it, I was going to get the sub and the sales person suggested that I not get it (refreshing retail experience where they don't try to sell you more) as he said the sound was great without and if I found it was lacking, I could add later.

Enjoy the beauty and the sound.

PS - Bill - how did you get away with only 6 servers and 4 months of consulting? ; )

Scott Giesbrecht, 2008-02-25

Scott - it was only a 250 user site.. ;-) SMB...

--* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2008-02-25

The subwoofer definitely adds a great deal to the sound. The sound is great without it, but the addition of an amplified bass speaker is amazing. I found one on amazon for half of what they wanted at the local tweeter store.

Ed Maloney, 2008-02-25

I've got the same, enjoying it tremendously. Highly recommended.

Stefan Tilkov, 2008-02-26

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