If you want to buy a Macbook, today is a good day

by Volker Weber

Apple has just refreshed the MacBook (13" white/black) and the MacBook Pro (15" and 17"). Faster, more memory, larger hard disks, MultiTouch on the MacBook Pro). No design changes though.


I'd love to - but I don't need one ;-/

Martin Hiegl, 2008-02-26

One bit of mild rudeness on Apple’s part: they now charge ¢15 extra if you want a Remote.

Ben Poole, 2008-02-26

finaly! i was waiting every tuesday since the macworld

Gregory Engels, 2008-02-26

Ben: Who really needs the remote in a MacBook Pro? I've never seen it used.

Unfortunately my MBP is just 4 or 5 months old. But we get a new employee next week, and we haven't decided yet if and what notebook to get for him. Maybe i'll buy a new one for me and he gets mine :-)

Dirk Steins, 2008-02-26

Thanks for the heads-up Vowe - just what I've been waiting for...

I agree with the stinginess re: the remote, though think they probably don't get used apart from in presentations with Keynote. The faster CPU, larger disks and improved trackpad look great, and probably justify the upgrade. However, I can't help but think a major MBP redesign isn't far away...

Stuart McIntyre, 2008-02-26

Re remotes, I agree they don’t get used that often. But they’re handy to have, and there is absolutely nothing to them: just a simple tied IR controller with a sealed-in battery. Is it really necessary to charge fifteen quid for them?

That said, it doesn’t put me off ;o)

Ben Poole, 2008-02-26

I've been waiting to upgrade the Powerbook G4 for awhile, but I don't know if I can justify dropping AU$5,000 on an MBP when: it still only goes up to 2.6Ghz (where the current Intel laptop CPUs can be had in up to 2.8Ghz), the video card is still only an 8600 (where 8800 laptop video has been out for awhile).

I know there will always be "something better" on the horizon, but is it too much to ask for the top of the current line in CPU and video when spending that much on a laptop? :)

Marcin Szczepanski, 2008-02-26

And why would these bragging rights be important? :-)

Volker Weber, 2008-02-26

The lovely sweet bitterness of the impacient is a wonderful feeling when you just received your 2.2GHz MacBook with 120GB HD and 1GB less RAM for a higher price... You open your freshly installed browser, take a quick visit here and read this post.
Nice. *grmpfh*

Steffen Pelz, 2008-02-27

If you’re going to buy Apple hardware, you have to know how it works, it’s as simple as that.

Nevertheless, take comfort that this is only a basic “bump”, they’ve not done anything too dramatic.

Ben Poole, 2008-02-27

Ben, learning works best if it hurts. ;)

Steffen Pelz, 2008-02-27

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