Finally installed the Sonos Web Controller

by Volker Weber

sonos web controller

Sonos players and controllers talk a pretty simple protocol for UPnP media devices. Andy Wick has taken up the task to write a Sonos Web Controller in Perl which emulates a web server. Install on any Perl enabled device on your network and you have a controller you can reach from your mobile phone. The screenshot up there shows the controller with the iSonos skin on a Nokia E90.

The Web Controller is an amazing tool, but it does not come close to the real thing. There is however one huge advantage. Sonos players and controllers have to be in the same subnet. If you install the Web Controller in that subnet, it serves as a relay. With the correct port forwarding you can reach the Web Controller from the Internet. Don't know why you would want to play something when you are not at home, but I like to pretend I am home once in a while when I am not. :-)

Same thing on iPhoney, an iPhone emulator and on the real thing:




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