vowe.net back to normal

by Volker Weber

1&1 moved my site to a new platform yesterday. For a few hours vowe.net was broken. They first had to convert the database, and then my quota was exceeded. After I removed the database backup things are back to normal.


1&1 have been getting a bit less impressive in recent times, sad to say.

I have been using them for some years. About three years ago there was a server crash which was handled swiftly and efficiently - all was up and running again within 30 minutes: no fuss, but apologies proffered.

Last week there was a server hack which took out my sites amongst various others, and they promised a 'response within 24 hours', and told me that the response would 'most likely arrive in my spam folder' (which indeed, it did - what was that about?).

In the event everything was up and running after about 20 hours, but it was a difficult day... and I note that they have not sent me one of their usual 'how did we do?' survey emails. They are now one of the world's biggest web hosts - maybe a bit too big to do an effective job?

Nick Daisley, 2008-02-27

At least from an anti-spam standpoint, 1&1 seems to have become much better. I see much fewer reports of blatant spam operations in their networks, or reports that 1&1 refuses to shut them down. Back in 2006 and even 2007, there were many complaints. I am not talking about hijacked home computers, but on hosting domains for known spammers (like Directi), being made aware of it but refusing to do anything about it.

Today I don't see any reports of spam from there or hosted there anymore, and Schlund.de only have 5 entries at SBL, none are ROKSO-listed and most are fairly recent reported spammers (all in December 2007). Hopefully they get terminated pretty quick as well.

1&1/Schlund still have a pretty bad reputation with regard to spam, and I am sure many of their IP ranges are listed in many local blocklists due to their bad reputation in the past, though.

Karl-Henry Martinsson, 2008-02-27

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