13 gigs and 128 megs of USB memory, 2 piggy banks and a chunk of chocolate

by Volker Weber

Back from CeBIT and one comment writer wanted to know what kind of schwag I brought home from Hannover. There is a stack of paper and CDs I need to go through. Most companies give out their press kits on USB memory keys by now, and generally do so with 1 gig sticks. Two exceptions: Samsung, generous as always, gave away a 4 gig stick and a CD, and GMX still had some 128 meg leftovers from last year. One piggy bank is stainless steel from Felix, the other one yellow. It was the spare one the Yello Strom press person had for Steve Ballmer.

The chocolate will become invisible soon. I am also keeping a TomTom backpack, but everything else I already gave away.


I love getting USB memsticks... :)

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2008-03-05

So do I. They are very useful. And I see USB memory sticks in your Irish future. In fact, the ILUG 2007 memory key is my all time favorite.

Volker Weber, 2008-03-05

That one travels back and forth with me to work every day. :) It's the first 1 GB stick I had, and now I wonder how I lived without it.

Thomas "Duffbert" Duff, 2008-03-05

I like the EntwicklerCamp 2007 USB stick a lot, although I was off visiting a coke factory (and coal mine - the coal kind of coke, of course) and missed to the 2008 version.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2008-03-05

Ben, I don't think, there is an 08 version

Jens-B. Augustiny, 2008-03-06

Samsung, ts, ts. What about Microsoft? They had a couple of sub-press-conferences on IT-Security, e-Identity etc. The giveaway was a 4 GB Cruzer (sp?) from Sandisk I´ve got two of them and then there was this journalist in the press centre claiming mote than 100 GB Stickspace hanging on his body. And, to complete the rant: I never heard so many Windows Startup sounds working in the press area.

Detlef Borchers, 2008-03-06

One good MS press conference was enough for me. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2008-03-06

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