and unreachable

by Volker Weber and are currently unreachable from my network. Are you experiencing the same issues? ( is unaffected.)

Update: Google is back after 45 minutes.


no problems here (austria, vorarlberg)

ursus schneider, 2008-03-06

Die Telekom hat Probleme:

Christian Halbig, 2008-03-06

I can access and fine from my workstation here. @10:38am CST.

Andy Yiu, 2008-03-06


Christian Halbig, 2008-03-06

Goggle is still out - Munich 6.00 PM

Alex Puell, 2008-03-06

6.40 pm via t-online still offline

so I configured my network to use other public nameservers.

List is here:

Result: has been reachable again but and basicthinking have been cut off !

So I manually added two t-online nameservers to my list and now everything works.

Very strange...

Tim Toron, 2008-03-06

It reminds me of the YouTube outage a couple of days ago...

Alex Puell, 2008-03-06

Dont think this was or is a DNS or Deutsche Telekom problem - I experienced several problems during the last hours; accessing my (german) rootserver from austria is unusually slow, several webpages took longer to load and so on. If I interpret correctly, there is a (at least slightly) increased packet loss in europe, not sure what the problem really is.

Urban Hillebrand, 2008-03-07

While my wife experienced problems reaching google till late evening (in the very south of germany) I had no problems at all near Stuttgart... Sounds strange at all. Maybe Google itself will explain what happened after they identified it.

Steffen Pelz, 2008-03-07

It may be unrelated but I keep a link to "Google by IP". It helps me to know if the issue is with Google, with DNS, or with my local systems. In the latter case, I have found a nasty propensity for Linux to dislike the fact that my primary DSL/router puts its own IP as the first DNS and then my ISPs real DNS as the second. The result is that some DNS resolutions are slow or randomly broken and Google seems the most often effected. The solution is to manually load the correct DNS IPs into the router (after every reboot). The problem is really the router but the PITA flows down stream.

Glen Salmon, 2008-03-07

maybe this will help you next time

ursus schneider, 2008-03-14

Not really. It tells me is down, when it is not.

Volker Weber, 2008-03-14

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