by Volker Weber

From an invitation to a Greenhouse webcast:

(See attached file: LGHwebconfinvite.ics)
The .ics file attachment is an icalendar standard file and it contains calendar information for our event.
To process this
(1)open the email containing the attachment,
(2)Right-click the attachment,
(3)select view from pop-up, this will display a "Scheduling Notes in iCalendar File" window
(4)select Import all, this will generate a Lotus Notes meeting invitation that you can process to add the event to your personal Lotus Notes calendar.

Much easier in Apple Mail: click the file attachment once and confirm this dialog:

add event


Yes it's crazy that Notes can't be set as the default handler for ICS files.

I think John Head blogged about this a while back.

Carl Tyler, 2008-03-07

Brrr, the temperature just dropped outside. Hell must be freezing over. I 100% agree with vowe about something Notes related!

Alan Lepofsky, 2008-03-07

I got the same invite and the ics file didn't show the accept option in MS Outlook 2003.

Kamal Rij, 2008-03-07

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