Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Five Language Standalone (KB936330) released

by Volker Weber

Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is an update to Windows Vista that addresses key feedback from our customers. SP1 addresses specific reliability and performance issues, supports new types of hardware, and adds support for several emerging standards.

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[Thanks, Huptus]


Ok, good luck to all Vista users. My remaining Windows PCs will still stay on XP, my wife is now lucky owner of a MacBook Pro ...

Axel Koerv, 2008-03-18

But where is XP SP3? That's the one most people need.

Chris Linfoot, 2008-03-18

haha, can you believe it ....

Just as this is released, not only does my main office PC decide it's infected with trojans and it's gonna curl up and die (which I've tried to remove but it's not having it) .... but also I forgot to take a Drive Snapshot of this computer (but have one of every other computer!) and my Vista install DVD is bust!! So I get part way through a re-install of Vista after formatting the drive and it stops, says some files are corrupt. Boom.

Oh man! Sometimes, you know it's not meant to be hey?

So now I'm downloading Vista with SP1 from Technet ... at the glorious speed of 57kbps, across a 25MB broadband connection!

Oh and I leave the office for a week travelling/working in about 32 hours!!


Mark Haller, 2008-03-18

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