IBM Press room: New IBM Software Brings Web 2.0 to Mobile Phones

by Volker Weber

SANTA CLARA, CA - 20 Mar 2008: IBM (NYSE: IBM) announced today that the Lotus Expeditor software platform is extending desktop computing and Web 2.0 capabilities to mobile phones.

Web 2.0 on mobile devices? Can't do that so far. OK, seriously, which mobile phones? The press release mentions Windows Mobile 6. The Information Center is more specific:


I am not making this up. It is that hard to read. OK, copy and paste:

Microsoft may have tools for that as well. ;-) But there is also a sole Symbian device:

Nokia E90 running Nokia eRCP that meets the minimum resource requirements of 2 MB available RAM and 2 MB free file system space. Attention: The support for the Nokia E90 is provided as early release code for internal evaluation and testing. The support for the Nokia E90 may not be used for production purposes.

Interesting timing for a press release. Right before Easter so nobody will notice it.


Strange timing, as you say...

Isn't this just a refreshed version of the IBM Workplace Client Technology, Micro Edition that I remember being talked about in 2004 and demo'd at Lotusphere '05? Except back then they talked about the need for supporting the Sharp Zaurus and Palm platforms - guess those aren't needed any more ;-)

Stuart McIntyre, 2008-03-20

It is not as bad as it looks. Sprint just announced their new development platform Titan, using the mobile OSGI stack as well. While it is for Windows Mobile in the first release only, they plan to put that on other devices too.
The current development is very interesting. Android, Titan, iPhone, Expeditor.... and probably soon something from Access (the guys who bought Palmsoft). Feels like the Minicomputer days before the PCs took off.
:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2008-03-21

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