IdeaJam is gold

by Bruce Elgort

It's been a few months since I last posted about IdeaJam and there is a lot of things to talk about. First and foremost is that IdeaJam is now available as a product that can be purchased. Companies with a Domino server can setup IdeaJam in a very short amount of time. Hosting services are available for those organizations that don't have a Lotus Domino server.

The product now includes many new features such as multilingual support, a central control panel for system configuration, full access to CSS and system graphics, support for various text editors including CoexEdit and FCKEditor, new graphical statistics, integration with NCT's Remember Me and much more.

The site for the IBM Lotus Community continues to see lots of ideas, comments and votes submitted. Currently there are 1,390 ideas, 31,165 votes 4,316 comments. Work continues with IBM to utilize the site as a credible source of community feedback. I am confident that this will happen however, it make take longer than originally anticipated.

At Lotusphere 2008 IdeaJam received many accolades from session speakers, vendors and IBM'ers. Many thanks to them for their support.

To learn more about IdeaJam visit the Elguji Software site.


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