Mike Rhodin to leave Lotus

by Volker Weber

Dear Northeast Europe IBMer,

I want to share with you important announcements which IBM is making today to reinforce our focus on clients and what we are doing in markets around the world.

Sustaining our profitable growth requires IBM to sharpen our attention on both major markets and growth markets. This will enable us to take advantage of the world’s diverse growth dynamics.

Major markets are large economies and IT markets where we deliver value by integrating IBM’s advanced capabilities and solutions. Growth markets are where investment and support are needed to help clients create unique business models and build out infrastructure for the future.

That’s why we announced plans to create a distinct Growth Markets unit.

I will lead this new unit effective July 1st 2008. Until then, our existing management system remains in place, which means I will continue to be accountable for the business in Northeast Europe while leading the phased implementation of the Growth Markets unit. Headquartered in Shanghai, it will be made up of Asia Pacific, Latin America and a new unit to be called REMA, consisting of Russia, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

On July 1st, Mike Rhodin will replace me as General Manager, Northeast Europe.

Mike joins Northeast Europe from Software Group, where he has been General Manager Lotus Software. He has over 24 years of experience in IBM across Services, Solutions, Software, product design, business development and business transformation.

With your help, we will ensure a strong performance in Q2 focusing on our clients and the business. At the same time, Mike and I will oversee the important creation of and transition to REMA to become part of the new Growth Markets unit.

Effective today, April 1, we have also announced important changes to our Northeast Europe leadership team:

Larry Hirst becomes Chairman IBM Europe Middle East Africa, replacing Hans Ulrich Maerki, who is retiring after a distinguished IBM career of 35 years.

Brendon Riley becomes General Manager, IBM UKISA, replacing Larry.

Steve Cowley becomes General Manager, IBM CEMAAS, replacing Brendon, and will become General Manager, IBM REMA, once formed.

Sebastian Krause becomes Vice President, Software Group, Northeast Europe, replacing Steve.

Elly Keinan, Vice President, Sectors, Northeast Europe, becomes General Manager, Operations, IBM Japan.

During the transitional 2Q, until a replacement is named, Mike Rhodin has chosen to perform Elly's duties. This allows Mike to get acquainted quickly with our clients, our business and you.

I want to emphasize that we have worked very hard this past year to build more teamwork, drive operational excellence, and enhance our leadership. By doing that, Northeast Europe delivered very good performance in 2007.

As we begin Q2 2008, I would ask you not to get distracted by this transition, but focus on our clients and what we need to deliver against our objectives.

As always, success is up to us.

Update: According to Ed Brill, Bob Picciano, former Vice President, WW Sales, IBM Information Management, will be the new Lotus General Manager.


:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2008-04-01

I've heard that Mike will be succeeded in his current position by Ray Ozzie.

Mariano Kamp, 2008-04-01

Ray? I'd have bet they'd ask vowe to do it.

Oliver Regelmann, 2008-04-01

April Fools

Yancy Lent, 2008-04-01

@Oliver, LOL!

Ben Poole, 2008-04-01


vote yes for vowe as president

marco foellmer, 2008-04-01

Maybe Mike can update post this on his blog :-)

Bruce Elgort, 2008-04-02

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