Planet Lotus has an iPhone icon now

by Volker Weber


Refresh your Homepage bookmarks on iPhone or iPod touch. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, trying to get rid of the chicklets was a bad idea all the time. I'm just saying.


Those nasty R5 designers left Lotus a long time ago. (Of course, most of them are rich and retired now, too...)
But rest assured, we will not take away your chicklets. We do, however, eventually want you to be able to "chicklet-ize" more than just a database... as you clearly have done in the above picture. :)

Mary Beth Raven, 2008-04-06

You have to admit that Lotus thought chicklets were uncool, and then Apple comes out with exactly the same metaphor. They don't have to be 16 colors and 1990 old skool, but the concept works.

Hey, it even does unread counters on certain things like mail, SMS or unanswered calls. :-)

Volker Weber, 2008-04-06

iPod copies Lotus Notes

Alan Lepofsky, 2008-04-06

I didn't see this post today. This evening I wrote this. It seems chicklets are getting airplay again.

Paul Mooney, 2008-04-06

The 2D workspace using chicklets works very well. And it's not only the iPhone. Think of:

- Palm OS
- Opera's speed dial (and the according Ffox extension)
- even Windows 3.1 / AmigaOS used something similar.

They provide less clicks and a better overview over your applications. Especially when you can organize them into folders or categories and place them as you like. Like those Notes 6 and 7 "display as worksplace" bookmarks.

BTW: Text-based launchers like Quicksilver on the Mac or e.g. Launchy on Windows may work even better. I almost never use the start menu. On the PalmOS-Treo I jump to the app icon by typing its name.

Oliver Regelmann, 2008-04-07

Maybe I missed something, but how can I delete a Homepage bookmark on the iPhone?

Detlev Buschkamp, 2008-04-07

Detlev: Keep your finger on one of the buttons of the home screen for a while. They will all start to vibrate after about two seconds. In this state, you will find that some of the icons suddenly feature an "X" in the corner.

Tap on one of these Xes to get rid of an icon such as a homepage bookmark. Press the home button on the bottom of your iPhone to make your icons stop trembling.

Gerald Himmelein, 2008-04-09

Thanx for your Help, did not mention that.

Detlev Buschkamp, 2008-04-12

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