Mobile codes

by Volker Weber

The amount of junk that is pre-installed on the Nokia E90 is just amazing. I saw it has a code reader but I assumed it would read EAN codes, which sort of works but not very well. What it does read is Datamatrix


or QR codes


It would not read the code on a Deutsche Bahn ticket though. Any luck with this?

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iMatrix on the iPhone recognizes the codes well. ;) -->

Niels Epting, 2008-04-06

Vom letzten CCC: Toying with barcodes

Timo Stamm, 2008-04-06

In Japan, such codes for mobile phones are used daily, I wonder, when this will finally be picked up in Germany.

Daniel Haferkorn, 2008-04-07

My N95 read the DE-Codes. Of course there is nothing but some characters in them.

It took me lot's of time though. I don't know, if the codereader isn't using the full res of the camera sensor, but it seems to be really slow on some kind of codes or if they are pretty small.
Also small shakes stop the phone from reading the codes correctly.

Johannes Matzke, 2008-04-07

I was playing with this on my E90 a little while back. I've noticed that UPS shipping labels come with similar codes.

Ben Rose, 2008-04-07

the iMatrix Application on the iPhone is somewhat uber. Not does it only read the 2d codes -- It also has a local storage of codes that one can use to show the codes to a reader. This way you can store codes on your phone for usage with access granting devices.

Sascha Reissner, 2008-04-07

Ah, the beautiful world of 2D barcodes, haha. It's about time someone includes the reader application. Like Daniel said, they are really popular in Asia. Sometimes they are even printed on a business card.

UPS uses similar technology, but they have their own Barcode - the MaxiCode. The standard is open though, you can get the specifications from UPS.

Lino Helms, 2008-04-07

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