Domino Web Application Development Best Practices Wiki goes live

by Volker Weber

Domino Web Application Development Best Practices Wiki - seven words. That qualifies as a proper IBM name.

Lotus and IBM Redbooks have partnered together to populate this wiki with best practices from IBM, partners, and customers. This combines the quality and reputation of Redbooks with the dynamic and collaborative Wikis that Lotus has published. Wikis are a relatively new Web browser-based technology that allows people to easily publish new and updated information as well as add comments, which results in technical information that is more accurate and current.

This is a test. The first wiki to replace the RedBooks we have known for years.

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[via Chris Toohey]


I'm impressed, I am a big fan of the redbook but this is better than I had hoped, I like the PDF feature !

I have only skimmed the contents : initial thoughts are lots of great stuff. I had hoped to get more of an insight into Dojo as that seems to be a big part of IBMs future web stuff - at the moment the best insight seems to be via Viktor Krantz of Snapps

Anybody with an insight have ideas about where to leave general comments for the team - is there a forum element or is the only option straight to Wiki ?

Sean Cull, 2008-04-07

@Sean: try this link

Gregory Engels, 2008-04-08

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