Microsoft posts a new beta of RDC 2.0

by Volker Weber

As reported before, Microsoft slipped the release date of RDC 2.0 and let the existing beta expire. That is very unusual for them. Betas are always timed to run well past the release date. In this case, the beta did expire, but at least it did not time bomb:

rdc expired

Without a release and without a new beta, Microsoft must have been flooded with angry comments.

Thanks to all for sharing your feedback on RDC updates, today we released RDC Beta3 replacing RDC beta2, extending the beta period through the final release of RDC 2. You will no longer see a pop-up beta expiration message. The download is available here.

In addition to the updated expiration, you will also notice many improvements in the new build.

The new beta also pushes out the release date to the summer.

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[Thanks, Flemming]


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