Kids, don't try this at home

by Volker Weber

[Thanks, Schweppes]



Alper Iseri, 2008-04-11

Uh nice... but the best what I found on youtube is this here:

THIS is dancing :-)

Bernd Webster, 2008-04-11

That's nothing. I program COBOL.

Timo Stamm, 2008-04-11

Pretty amazing. Some serious training and skill to get that standard.

Carl Tyler, 2008-04-11

.. and that was an audition for 'Matrix IV - the Homecoming'.

Makes my arthritic limbs sore just watching....

Nick Daisley, 2008-04-11

I hope this guy earns his living as a stuntman... if not, it's a lot of waste doing just parkour.

Eric Garneau, 2008-04-11

He is a world class Tumbling champion. Not that this makes him a lot of money. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2008-04-11

My gosh that would be fun to be able to do. Imagine the world being your own personal video game.

Alan Lepofsky, 2008-04-11

I particularly like this running "up the wall over the ceiling and the other wall" thing. If I could do that trick I would be immediately killed for doing it at home. :-)

Volker Weber, 2008-04-11

I do that every morning after my first pot ... of coffee ... *yawn* *lol*

Florian Vogler, 2008-04-11

He made it look so simple I decided to try it. I guess I weigh too much for drywall, I found myself in the office next door. Boy were they surprised.

Carl Tyler, 2008-04-11

Looks like someone has made a plenty bunch of bugs while trying to write a physics engine...

Martin Kautz, 2008-04-11

@Carl, LMAO :)

Ben Poole, 2008-04-11

@Florian: What is it exactly that you put into your coffee?

Ragnar Schierholz, 2008-04-14

@Ragnar: He probably knows the secret of Getafix's magical drink :-)

Alexander Kluge, 2008-04-14

Also nice:

Henrik Heigl, 2008-04-14

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