IBM Launches Pilot Program for Migrating to Macs

by Volker Weber

As further evidence of the growing interest in Macs among enterprise customers, IBM’s Research Information Services launched an internal pilot program designed to study the possibility of moving significant numbers of employees to the Mac platform. The study has already found an enthusiastic response from participants and is helping to drive Mac support for IBM’s business applications.

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The comments that she posted from the pilot group were really good, such as:

When presenting at customer or external meetings, I have been greeted with the ‘wow factor.’ ‘Where’s the ThinkPad, IBM uses Apples now?”

Gregg Eldred, 2008-04-16

That happened to me as well not too long ago. In a workshop with IBM ZRL an IBMer showed up with a Mac laptop. Being an IBM shop at work, my colleagues and I all have ThinkPads. We asked whether there was reason to worry, now that IBM doesn't use their own stuff anymore, but were countered that a) IBM doesn't own the ThinkPads anymore (which we of course knew, but it still takes some time to sink in, I gues) and b) that now that they don't, the option for alternatives is strategically opened. And where would you expect people to go try it first, if not in the research lab... ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2008-04-18

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