Only in Bavaria

by Volker Weber

the ramp

Don't make any plans to visit Oberpfaffelbachen. :-) Here is the deal: this is of course a fake, a viral to promote the new BMW 1 series launch in the US.

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[Thanks, David]


Astonishing engineering; startling ambition; phenomenal technology!
All so sadly compomised by weather, and other factors beyond human control.

Okay, so I'm mostly talking about the film, here...

Nick Daisley, 2008-04-23

Per aspera ad astra?

Johannes Matzke, 2008-04-23

man bekommt angst, dass diese schneidezähne irgendwie ansteckend sind.
ansonsten: ge-ni-al.

Stefan Domanske, 2008-04-23

Loeblich,loeblicher,Heureka! Reinhard Pfaffenberg lässt grüssen.
Man beachte bitte die "Heimseite" von Oberpfaffelbachen.

Christoph Dettmann, 2008-04-23

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