by Volker Weber


Dead cold raw fish. :-)

Karl-Henry Martinsson, 2008-04-25

Yummy Yummy Yummy

Alper Iseri, 2008-04-25

おいしい (oishii (jap.) = lecker)

Adalbert Duda, 2008-04-25

Looks similar to our cafeteria - we have no temperature display though.

But the wasabi has a very strange color - instant powder with too much water.

Bernd Schuster, 2008-04-25

Looks like a plate for a realy realy hungry person.

Frank Stangenberg, 2008-04-25

I'd rather eat it than taking pictures...

Dirk Rose, 2008-04-25

hmm. Wo bleibt das 'Nachher' Foto ;-) ?

Jan Fuellemann, 2008-04-25

Ich seh' nur Fisch. Aber ich glaube, "Lunch" an sich ist Kummer gewöhnt.

Helmar Steinberg, 2008-04-25

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