Where in the world are your contacts?

by Volker Weber


XING has a new features that shows you where your contacts are. I find it pretty much useless since XING assumes I am floating south of Ghana in the Atlantic Ocean at 00N 000E. As you get closer you can find some contacts who have told XING their real location. Or a place they used to be at any given time in the past:


You can do this all the way down to the street level:


You will find that XING maps the business address by default. Since it can't do that for my address, I have to swim. ;-)

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[Thanks, Stephan]


You are only floating near Ghana (0 degrees north, 0 degrees west) as long as you did not activate the appropriate checkbox in your "Settings, My Profile settings, Options, Show the position of my business address in the map view".
The "You are here" bubble tells you that when you open the map... :-)

Oliver Schult, 2008-05-01

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