TomTom continues to amaze me

by Volker Weber

tomtom xl mount

TomTom has just announced new versions of their ONE and ONE XL devices. And they seem to have improved on their already excellent screen mounts again. If this thing works, it must be the least intrusive screen mount ever.

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Looks like a nice powerful loudspeaker at the back too.

John Keys, 2008-04-30

Looks interesting. I just wonder if the "least intrusiveness" would put the device "just too far away" when using it in the Bully.

Stefan Rubner, 2008-04-30

They have to improve these things as it's a total pain in the ass to clip it on and off each time you park up.

I'm still a big fan on integrated sat nav, no opportunists will try and steal it.

Ben Rose, 2008-05-01

@Ben: but the professionals will. Especially when it´s an expensive one. OTOH, all mobile ones like the TomToms have a similar risk for the "casual" thief - drug addicts or alike. At least in Germany, this has increased a lot - especially when people leave device in the car. Also when the screen mount is left, as the device could be somewhere in the car. Thefts of car radios is not so much an issue compared to a few years backl, but now theft of GPS is.

Armin Auth, 2008-05-02

@Armin - When I said integrated, I meant factory fit...people don't steal it without the car.

Ben Rose, 2008-05-02

That may be true for Toyota, but not for Mercedes, BMW, or Audi. Those systems do get stolen. A lot.

Volker Weber, 2008-05-02

Maybe no market for a stolen Toyota GPS so they have to take also the car?

Armin Auth, 2008-05-02

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