KISS: Motofone F3

by Volker Weber

motofone f3

It was time to replace an ancient Nokia 6110 which was still serving its duty as "just a phone and nothing but a phone". Motorola has an excellent phone to take over this duty: the Motofone F3. High contrast black&white display for excellent readablitly, up to 300 hours standby or 500 minutes talk time. And it sells for less than 25 € unlocked. That's just 1€ short of the breakfast I had today.


It was too simple for me: I could not figure out how to disable the key tone and how to change/set the volume of the ringtone.

I could have looked into the manual, but that shouldn't be the case for something simple as a mobile phone...

Dirk Olbertz, 2008-05-07

I use this phone where I fear my iPhone could get hurt ... it is ok, but the phonebook is crap. Never try to change contacts on you SIM with this phone ;-)

Writing and especially reading SMS is crap too, but hey ... it works and it was cheap!

Sebastian Herp, 2008-05-07

@sebastian - SMS? You missed the's a phone and just a phone :)

Ben Rose, 2008-05-07

I have this phone too, it came locked but with 10euro credit for 25euros. It's useful as a good basic phone with readability, but really lacks with text messaging and phonebook.

I got it as a client support number phone, so I wouldn't have to give out my real mobile, but now mostly use it for guests that visit so they can call or be contacted while they are out.

Bryan McDade, 2008-05-07

You can't get any "just phone" phones in the US any more ... I have been looking for some but they don't exit. I ned a secondary phone for whne I go into secured clien sites that don't allow anything else and I just can't find one. I don't listen to MP3s on my ohone nor do I htink that the picture quality of phones is so great tha tI want to take pics all the time. Damn, I wish I could get that one here .....

Victor Toal, 2008-05-07

Ours would not work since it is "only" 900/1800 MHz. But you can get one with your 850/1900 MHz specs. Same name. You can buy it online.

Volker Weber, 2008-05-07

@Ben: I know, but often calling someone is impractical because both parties can't hear each other (loud music) ;-)

Sebastian Herp, 2008-05-07

Your breakfast seems to be way too expensive: 18 € here. :-) Anyway, thanks for the heads-up. Amazon will measure up to those 25 €s without charging for delivery.

Robert Dahlem, 2008-05-07

I lost a 6110 on my wedding day and I believe I payed about $140 to replace it in 1999. For this and many other reasons, I now favour the $2.99 breakfast at Bons Off Broadway

Andy Reimer, 2008-05-07

I think you can get quite a few of them on eBay Germany for a tenner after that recent "viral advertising" attempt. You might also find the odd toothbrush and razor...

Armin Grewe, 2008-05-07

@Robert: 18+7,90 = €25,90
"Für dieses Produkt fallen Versandkosten in Höhe von € 7,90 bei Vorkasse oder € 13,90 bei Nachnahme (zzgl. Übermittlungsentgelt DHL € 2,00) an."
Warum müssen so viele Shops sich den Gewinn durch die Versandkosten erwirtschaften?

Samuel Orsenne, 2008-05-12

I have the motofone f3 and it works perfect here in the uk and also good abroad, eg spain .
I paid just ¢10 for it and it rocks!

John Forrester, 2008-06-08

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