BlackBerry Lotus Connections client scores only 2 out of 5

by Volker Weber


IBM releases a Connections client for the BlackBerry which leaves a lot to be desired. It's currently only covering two out of the five Connections subsets: Profiles and DogEar. Profiles is a good thing, but DogEar is less exciting since you can't browse the web with a BlackBerry in any meaningful way anyhow.


Setup was extremely easy. Download from RIM, install with javaloader, enter user name, password and server. Off you go. Here is a screenshot from Profiles:


What is sadly missing is Activities. That would be information you need when away from your desk. If you select Activities – or Communities, or Blogs – you are being thrown into the browser and dropped off at the login prompt of the general desktop experience:


No Activities client on the device, not even a device UI on the Portal. That's very disappointing. Yeah, the next version ...


I talked about this to a seemingly surprised reaction from RIM, like they werent expecting anyone to be unhappy..

Blog posting a few days ago

Chris Miller, 2008-05-15

It simply isn't done yet. I think we discussed mobile access to Activities for at least two years now. It also speaks volumes about IBMs ability to use Portal for mobile access. No single sign on, no decent small device UI.

Volker Weber, 2008-05-15

Yep. I downloaded this to use with BleedYellow and what a disappointment that was. Haven't removed it yet but I will. There's no compelling reason to keep it.

Chris Linfoot, 2008-05-15

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