Office 2008 SP1 install causes setup assistant to loop

by Volker Weber

After applying the Office 2008 for Mac SP1 Updater, some uses are experiencing a problem where the Setup Assistant starts up every time they try to launch any Office application.

This situation is a result of when the Office Setup Assistant detects that an invalid Product Key was used to install Office 2008. David Pelton, Microsoft MacBU core lead test has outlined below how to fix the problem and requests users to work with him to help chase down the issue to keep it from happening in the future.

This does not look like a bug to me. :-)

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If you have installed a cracked version, and it is not working anymore, please work with us closely, so it will not happen again in the future. ROTFL

Gregory Engels, 2008-05-15

One more reason to switch.

Long life to!

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2008-05-15

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