Brand new Google Reader for iPhone

by Volker Weber

Very impressive. Take your iPhone to

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Very impressive on a Windows Mobile Device as well (with Opera Mobile). That shows again that the iPhone changes the market, not only with it's pure existence more with the apps it initiates.

Sven Semel, 2008-05-15

Is it just me, or is it stupidly difficult to add feeds?

Ben Rose, 2008-05-15

Interesting. It appears slower, on my iPhone, than the older version and I cannot find how to add new feeds either.
As you see Ben, you are not alone.. :-)

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2008-05-15


It seems you have to add feeds through the rich interface.

The mobile app works well on my E90, but was initially blank as I didn't use Google reader previously.

Ben Rose, 2008-05-15

Anybody else having this problem? I added the new Google reader page to my iPhone homescreen. Each time I access the this page I have to re-authenticate although 1) I told mobile Safari to allow cookies and 2) I checked the "remember" box on the Google reader page. Neither username nor password are stored.

Markus Dierker, 2008-05-15

@Markus, this is a well known problem with jailbroken iPhones.

You should change some privileges in order to store cookies.

Enter this with SSH or VT-100, this will fix your problem of /var/mobile/ having the wrong permission and not being able to save data.

chown -R mobile:mobile /var/mobile

There is plenty of relevant info available on the Internet.

Hope this helps, as usual, YMMV

@Ben, thanks for the hint, I will check that one

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2008-05-15

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