Is 64k too much for Domino?

by Volker Weber



Na endlich. Wieder mal was zu meckern. Herr Lehrer, ich weiß was. Das ist soooo typisch deutsch. Jadda jadda - es nervt, Herr Weber !

Heiko Voigt, 2008-05-16

Not for Domino, but for the noteslog.logAction method...

If you are logging extensively for debugging purposes (or encounter bugs which produce lots of messages in your professionally built error handling :-) ), you encounter an annoying limitation of the NotesLog class: it will not only log your messages/errors into a Notes database (which has no such limit), but into the agent itself (you can access the log by right clicking the agent in the agent list). And the latter seems to be limited to 64K. Which makes logging crash your application sometimes :-( .

Paul seems to have debugging turned on for some web agent on his server...

Hans-Peter Kuessner, 2008-05-16

That makes sense, thank you. I had never seen this before from Domino http.

Kind of funny if you display an error trying to log an error. Another entry for Paul's Worst Practices. :-)

Volker Weber, 2008-05-16

[One good comment from Bill removed in order to correct my own mistake. Thank you, Bill. vowe]

Bill Buchan, 2008-05-16

Ich finde gar nicht das das nervt. Es ist zwar schade das eine kritische Betrachtung der IBM weitgehend nur noch auf stattfindet aber lieber nur hier als nirgendwo. Und die Fehlermeldung hat ja im Zeitalter von Terabyte und 64Bit durchaus etwas kurioses.
Ich konnte zumindest drüber schmunzeln.

Henning Heinz, 2008-05-16

I would care more about the 64k limit within fields. Makes me want to cry when sending messages to rather large groups (that only contain subgroups ;)

Sascha Reissner, 2008-05-16

I have seen this error lately on some Domino blogs. I can't remember which ones they were.

Bruce Elgort, 2008-05-16

People keep clamboring for 64 bit support, so we thought we could do better than that @ 64 kbyte. Isn't 64k enough already?!


Craig Wiseman, 2008-05-16

@IBM "Isn't 64k enough already?!"


This really is one of my pet hates in Notes. I spend too much time working around the 32k / 64k limitations in fields / items.

Kerr Rainey, 2008-05-16

32k / 64k limits don’t matter any more. We have Eclipse, XPages and widgets now.

Ben Poole, 2008-05-16


Are you being snarky?

Bruce Elgort, 2008-05-16

@Bruce, Nope, he's just being English. :D

Rob McDonagh, 2008-05-16

"I had never seen this before from Domino http."

I definitely have, and not always due to the NotesLog class.

Richard Schwartz, 2008-05-16

As Rob (pretty much) alludes… “snarky” == English :o)

Ben Poole, 2008-05-16

Maybe I have been lucky. Even the largest Domino sites that I was involved in did not throw this error.

Ben has a a very good document on Notes/Domino limits.

Volker Weber, 2008-05-16

Kerr, what would happen to you skills, if those limits suddenly went away. Anybody remember how important it once was to squeeze as much memory as possible by tuning config.sys? :-)

Volker Weber, 2008-05-16

@Volker, You shouldn't see it on a well behaved app, but I've come up against it while developing quite a bit. The developer just needs to make sure they guard against it.

Kerr Rainey, 2008-05-16

@Ben I think that's only true for sufficiently large values of "snarky."


Rob McDonagh, 2008-05-16

@volker, I absolutely agree. As frustrating as I find it I know that all my mad skillz would evaporate if I didn't have to beat my head against the same blood soaked wall every day. Someone once suggested that if these kind of productivity limiting time syncs were removed I'd be able to hone über mad skillz. But that's just piffle. I certainly hope that Lotus aren't planing on putting any of those new fangled code editing features in designer 8.5. I'll have to switch back to cutting and pasting code written in notepad lest I lose all code editing skills as well. ;)

Kerr Rainey, 2008-05-16

@Ben Yes, we all have Eclipse, XPages, widgets and all the shiny stuff. But do your customers have it too?

Marius Neumann, 2008-05-18

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