New firmware for Nokia E90 (210.34.75)

by Volker Weber

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your Nokia Software Updater.

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Youtube support :)

Ben Rose, 2008-05-22

I did the last update using XP SP2 on Parallels (Macbook Pro). It was scary enough that I think I'll use a real Windows machine this time rather than a VM.

Chris Lindley, 2008-05-22

If I'm honest, it's nice to finally see Nokia supporting a phone properly and adding's the first communicator to have this and my customer satisfaction is greatly increased.

Ben Rose, 2008-05-22

This is the first Nokia smartphone I've had (well I had a 3650 a while ago). I've been using UIQ ones before. Their FW update seemed a bit less fraught. Could have been the fact I did it from a VM though.

I agree it is good to have fairly regular FW updates though.

Chris Lindley, 2008-05-22

75Megs! Not bad.
Note: If you use Blackberry on your E90, you will have to get the latest client from Nokia as well.

Vince Schuurman, 2008-05-22

So far I've had to reinstall a few apps after the upgrade. Google Maps, Nokia maps and fring all had to be re-installed.

Embedded flash video still not working you youtube etc. I can see the thumb nail, but the video never starts.

Upgrade is well worth it though as the phone is a lot faster with smoother menus etc. My Contacts is no longer sluggish for example.

The upgrade will reset your device security, default lock code is "12345"

Ben Rose, 2008-05-23

help! after this firmware update my blackberry does`nt work (client 7.45.1). Its the standard bb not bes. Receive the activation mail but no accounts. Provider Vodafone. Nokia suggest repair? Vodafone suggests Nokia?

Dave Franks, 2008-06-29

problem with bb now solved. Vodafone Client not compatible but under "other" (business software) ver 8.14.1 now working

Dave Franks, 2008-06-30

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