Action Required - Confirmation of your ILUG 2008 attendence

by Volker Weber

If you registered for ILUG 2008, look for this email in your inbox:

we are very near capacity, we would like to confirm your intention to attend the ILUG 2008 event on June 4th, 5th, and 6th. We would ask that you respond to this email confirming that you will be there. If you are not planning on attending or if your plans have changed, also let us know. That way we can free up your registration slot for others, as well as let the event staff know updated numbers.

We would like to have your RSVP response no later than Wednesday, May 28th.

It's very important that you let the organizers know if you are attending or not. If you don't show up, and you don't tell them now, bad things will happen to you. Bad things.


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