Notice to all Vista users

by Volker Weber

Please quit whining. We know it's bad. Not for everybody, but maybe for you. If you don't like it, cut your losses. Going back to XP might look like an option, but it probably isn't going forward.

There is life after Microsoft. Trust me. And don't even bother buying Office for the Mac. It is available but it sucks just as badly. I have converted my XP Professional license to a virtual machine and I use that for all my legacy software. Not more than an hour a week, btw.


After 20 years of Windows I finally switched to the Mac World. And there is nothing, that could ever bring me back. Thanks to your help, I still use Windows XP - but in a virtual machine for two special software products. The best argument for OS X is, that it simply works. No tweaking, no registry hacking, no viruses, no installation crap - ist just works. The only thing I am asking myself: Why didn't I switch earlier... ;-)

Alper Iseri, 2008-05-28

My workhorse is the good old Blackbook and it performs very well. I use it day-in, day-out. No MS Office, and XP Pro resides quite happily in VMware for when I need it (Outlook and Domino).

Works for me!

(Oh and I do have a Microsoft product with all this: Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000. Works very well).

Ben Poole, 2008-05-28

Same for me. I switched to a Mac nearly 2 years ago. No regret so far. I use parallels to start XP but I can't remember when I did that the last time.
First (ok lets say 2nd ;-) way in the morning is to my Mac. First way after work is to my Mac. This machine is fun!!!

Andreas Decker, 2008-05-29

Picked up at FSJ:


Philipp Sury, 2008-05-29

Got my first Mac some 2 years ago. Was so impressed with it that I replaced it with a MacBook Pro and my wife's old Compaq laptop was replaced with a MacBook. The iMac is now sitting in my boy's room. Gee I love the family pack licenses that Apple have (Leopard and iWork'08) makes it so much cheaper to be a proud dad. ;-)

Also I am now using ithe MacBook Pro for work (not that I am popular with my M$ IT department) but there is only very little software that I need to revert to in my VMware Fusion machines (found that VMware has better USB compatibility compared to Parallels).

Michael Weitzel, 2008-05-29

Got old x-Thinkpads, Mac mini and new Dell Vostro 1310 (629 Euro) with Vista Business

and I like Vista

Energy Management is great
Folder Navigation is great
new explorer/menu navigation is great

mac notebooks are too expensive for me ;-)
and OSX has problems with VPN MTU

for me
Vista rocks (on new machines)

pierre kerchenr, 2008-05-29

If your time isn't worth anything you can buy cheap. Business, that is the edition without drive encryption, right?

Vista rocks (on new machines)

OS X rocks on any machine. :-)

Volker Weber, 2008-05-30

I’ve never understood the cost argument. 20 years ago, yes. Now? Nope.

Ben Poole, 2008-05-30

A few things:

- I switched last autumn. Never going back. Wife, Kid and now the TV have switched. The only MS I have now is safely wrapped up in vmware partitions. I'll never let Redmond touch metal again.

- I develop in Notes designer in a parallels partition. I've also use VMWare. VMware is slightly more stable. Is it a PITA ? Not really. OS/x and 'Spaces' (Their version of 'muliple screens) makes this very easy.

- Remember, should Vista suddenly improve - Macs are Windows certified. But only a lunatic would ditch OS/X for Vista at this stage. The point being that getting a Mac isnt a 'burn your bridges' exercise. And remember that the MacBook Pro is the *fastest* vista laptop out there (excluding portable desktops such as Alienware).

- I tried office 2007, but gave up *very* quckly. A family pack of iLife (for less than half of the cost of a single copy of office) and I'm very happy.

- 10.5.3 (service pack 'three') came down last night. Immediately upgraded, rebooted, no problems. Would you do that on a PC ? Without backups ? See the level of trust I have?

Do it on a Mac. You wont regret it

--* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2008-05-30

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