X.509 certificate renewed

by Volker Weber

All my mail messages originating from the Mac will be signed. Just renewed my X.509 certificate and need to get it out there.


Thawte WOT, presumably?

Chris Linfoot, 2008-06-01

I'm also curious as to who supplied your X.509 certificate...

I'm now in the market for one, as I need to sign documents. I've traditionally done that via GPG, which is great for assuring content. But I now want to do it within the file, for a few reasons. OpenOffice.Org allows me to do that, but only with an X.509 certificate.

So, any tips would be gratefully received. :-)

Philip Storry, 2008-06-02

Chris is right. I happen to be a Thawte notary.

Volker Weber, 2008-06-02

Ah, right.

I tried Thawte's WOT, but finding a notary in the UK is tricky. Maybe one last try though...

Thanks for the quick reply! :-)

Philip Storry, 2008-06-03

Philip, I’m a notary if you get really stuck! Are you headed for Dublin this week by chance??

Ben Poole, 2008-06-03


Sadly not. My recent change of jobs leaves me with less holiday than I'd like, although ironically I can now afford travel and accommodation better!

I guess I'll have to catch up with you some other time...

Is beer acceptable payment? ;-)

Philip Storry, 2008-06-03

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