Weird ROKR E8 campaign

by Volker Weber

Motorola sent me a weird package today. It contained an expensive sleeve with a pseudo-vinyl holding a CD. The CD is called FOR YOU AND MUSIC YOU. Does not compute? The application on the CD does neither. It crashes or it draws a black screen. Whatever, looking through the CD I find some images in the assets folder:


It appears to be a 4-band GSM/EDGE phone with 2 megapixel camera and 2 GB of memory without 3G radio. Sounds like it's two years late. Its main claim to fame is that the interfaces can change from being a phone to being an MP3 player. It even sports a circular scroller which is not a full circle.

I fail to see how this thing could make a difference. Maybe I would if Motorola had sent a phone instead.


Made by using Shockwave/Director? Sounds pretty familar to me then... :-(

Martin Christian Kautz, 2008-06-05

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