Nice try

by Volker Weber

Thank you for signing the "Apple, please work with IBM Lotus!" petition at website. Your signature is valuable and makes a real difference. Please encourage others to sign the petition as well.

Well, I did not sign it. So the petition seems to be a bit bogus.

The current thinking seems to be that it somehow is Apple's fault that IBM has no solution for Notes. It's kinds of strange given IBM's support for the Mac. I mean they have been shipping Notes 8 from the start on Windows, Linux and Mac. Lotus Sametime, Domino Designer, Domino Server. They went out of their way to support the Mac platform, and now Apple is not licensing their Domino Sync solution.


Well that sucks. I saw your name on there and thought, "Oh that's nice that Volker joined in." But I guess someone just typed your name in. I guess that does make it suspect. The email back should have a URL for you to click to verify.

I signed it anyway, maybe it will help.

I also posted on the apple forums here.

Maybe if a bunch of people jump on, that will get some visibility as well. Then, there's always IdeaJam.

It's just annoying. This device has already captured the hearts of my executives (several of them ditching N95's and BB 8830's) and all I can do is get them mail via IMAP. It's disappointing, and when the exec asks me why, all I can say is "IBM announced support at Lotusphere, so something's coming."

What that is (if anything other than ultralight) we still don't know.



John Roling, 2008-06-10

It gets worse for IBM... Apple 'announced' today in the WWDC OS X 10.6 preview session straight after the keynote that there will be built in support out of the box for Exchange within 10.6 - I read that as probably meaning that they are going to add Exchange support to Apple Mail.

Andy Mell, 2008-06-10

@Andy - It already pretty much supports address book sync and mail with exchange at the moment - I'm taking it as Calendar as well. So if you're a corporate user your mac, iphone and exchange accounts will always be in sync. Pretty nice result, and a big pointer that if you want to use mac's in the enterprise, you should use exchange. If you're using domino you should move, or leave the mac users out in the cold (and those who want iPhones.)

Lincoln Stoll, 2008-06-10

Hey, no problem! All Apple has to do is announce support for the Lotus Notes DXL standard, and we're done. Easy!

Bob Balaban, 2008-06-11

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