How many games do you have to play to win Euro 2008

by Volker Weber

Hans-Werner says 5, I say 6. What do you say?


Do you include Qualifiers?

Carl Tyler, 2008-06-10

I say: Hans-Werner lost a crate of "Franziskaner Hefeweizen dunkel" :-)

Wolfgang Schwerber, 2008-06-10

If not including Qualifiers it is 6 games.

3 Group games.

1 Semi Final

1 Quarter Final

1 Final

Total 6

Carl Tyler, 2008-06-10

Minimum: 3

Holger Wesser, 2008-06-10

Holger, Minimum 4 I think. As you would have to play at least one group game, to win the group on goal difference.

The question wasn't minimum though, it was how many i think.

Carl Tyler, 2008-06-10

Oliver Pocher wusste die Antwort auf diese Frage, als sie ihm bei Wer wird Millionär gestellt worden ist die letzen Tage...


Karsten Fusenig, 2008-06-10

To 'play': 6 (first posting of Carl)
To 'win': at least the last 3 matches (as Karsten already mentioned this was a question in the last charity show of the german 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' TV show).

You can survive the group games with 3 draw matches. The other matches of the competitors against each other in your group also have to end as draw. Then the goal difference is important (who shot more goals)


Peter Schneider, 2008-06-10

Carl, I doubt winning one group game will be sufficient to progress from the group stage. I'm not sure, but if you don't turn up for your other two group games I believe they would be counted as a win for the other teams. In that case those two teams only need a draw each (i.e. draw each other) and you're out.

That makes a minimum of 5.

Armin Grewe, 2008-06-10

6 without qualifiers.

The question is not "how many matches do you have to win", and I am almost sure, that if you win 2 group games, you also have to play the third game ;-)

Dennis Ruddigkeit, 2008-06-11

Is the question really "play"? and who is "you" - a player, a national team?

The answer to play is 6. If a national team would not show up for a group game, I am quite certain that UEFA (and a few billion people on this planet) wouldn't be too happy.

Are we all missing something here?

Tom Holzapfel, 2008-06-11

Thank you Armin Grewe.

Hans-Werner Mattis, 2008-06-11

I would say, minimum 0.
If none of the other teams show up, you don't have to play, but you will win. ;-)

Stefan Weigand, 2008-06-11

you need to win only 3 games at least.
In the group phase you can have 3 draws and move forward (like in italy 1982 at the world championship in spain).
Beginning with the quarter finals you have to win all the following games.
In this case quarter + semi + final = 3

Pedro Sola, 2008-06-11

As the question is how many games you have to play (not to win!), I would prefer the answer "6". :)
(Which could be wrong if you are not disqualified if you simply don't play a game)

Steffen Pelz, 2008-06-11

Seems this is a tricky one: I've asked some of the experts over here and it looks like it depends on the decision of the "disciplinary comittee". If you refuse to play one of your group games you _might_ be disqualified from the whole tournament.

Based on that information I'd guess to be on the safe side you'll need to play all 6 ;-)

Armin Grewe, 2008-06-11

And to win the championship, you have to win 3 games, need a draw 1:1 in the qualification round and at least 4 goals.

Stefan Schneider, 2008-06-11

Obwohl ich überhaupt kein Weizenbier mag, klinke ich mich nochmal ein; dieses mal auf deutsch: die Original-Frage lautete " wieviele Spiele muss man spielen, um die Europameisterschaft 2008 zu gewinnen ? "
Vorgesehen dafür sind in der Tat 6 Spiele. Allerdings hat die UEFA in Anlehnung an FIVA Standards für den Fall des Nichtantretens einer Mannschaft zu einem Spiel tatsächlich eine Regelung vorgesehen, deren Anwendung jedoch von einer Kontroll- und Disziplinarkammer beschlossen werden muss.
Wortwörtlich steht da unter Absatz VI, Punkt 8.01 : Weigert sich ein Verband zu spielen oder kann ein Spiel aus Verschulden eines Verbandes nicht oder nicht vollständig ausgetragen werden, entscheidet die Kontroll- und Disziplinarkammer über diese Angelegenheit. Sie legt die zu treffende(n) Disziplinarmaßnahme(n) fest, insbesondere die Forfait-Niederlage und / oder den Ausschluss aus dem Wettbewerb.
Bei der Anwendung der " Forfait-Niederlage " würde das zum Spiel angetretene Team 3 Punkte erhalten und ein fiktives 3:0 Spielergebnis gutgeschreiben bekommen.
Ob man allerdings bei zweimaligem Nichterscheinen zu einem Spiel auch noch unter die Regelung der Forfait-Niederlagen fallen könnte, bezweifele ich doch sehr.
So gesehen wäre die Zahl 5 für die Zahl der Spiele die man spielen muss, um Europa-Meister zu werden nicht so verkehrt. Da ich aber Weizenbier nicht mag ... siehe Antwort von Schweppes.

Hans-Werner Mattis, 2008-06-11

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