Two petitions

by Volker Weber

The petition Apple, please work with IBM Lotusnow has more signatures than "IBM should continue to produce Lotus-focused Redbooks". They are both in the same ballpark however. And where as the Redbooks one is older, it has not had any effect. I wonder how the other one will be doing.


I don't like petitions that force people to pay. I was presented a screen forcing me to donate starting from $2 for just signing this e.g. Apple petition. I bet the number of people will be fairly small in the end signing this.

Uwe Brahm, 2008-06-14

Does IBM really not get it?

iNotes ultralite * is not what iPhone users are asking for. They want push email and sync with native iPhone mail, calendar and contacts. This is just. Not. Good. Enough.

* In England, the word light has a G, an H and no E.

Chris Linfoot, 2008-06-14

Uwe - You don't need to pay to sign the petition - the payment screen is optional, and comes after the signing screen. So go and sign the iPhone petition now!

Ian Morrison, 2008-06-14

First: The beloved iPhone is featuring Media-DRM even down to the ringtones-level.

Second: By purchasing such a device knowingly in the first place, one should just not start panicking off (again) about the straightforward introduction of Applications-DRM.

Third: Live with it!

Roland Leißl, 2008-06-14

Chris, IBM gets it. They are praising what they (will) have. Brent said, it is "a very quick step", and I am counting the month since Lotusphere to measure what "very quick" means. He also said they don't have a plan yet when to deliver the next stage.

Volker Weber, 2008-06-14

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