Actions speak louder than words: iPhone vs. Notes

by Volker Weber

With the thought “actions speak louder than words” in mind, I’m not going to talk (again) about how disappointing it is that IBM/Lotus doesn’t have ... Instead, I’m going to tell you what we are actually doing:

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*sigh* the first of many...damit!

Colin Williams, 2008-06-17

Very amused to find this in Kevin Hansens technical qualifications...

"IBM Workplace Services Express"

Besides, Real Notes bloggers blog on Notes...

Ben Rose, 2008-06-17

Choice is a good thing.
I am a bit curious how the Max OSX server handles iPhone2 communication?
By the way, maybe not every real Notes blogger has the money for an Utility Express license. If you do not want to use one of the few Domino shared hosting providers and are not a business partner Notes blogging is an expensive hobby.

Henning Heinz, 2008-06-17

OS X server provides IMAP, CalDAV and LDAP. I don't think you can use CalDAV and LDAP from the iPhone. You can from the Mac however.

Volker Weber, 2008-06-17

@ Ben,

"Real Notes bloggers blog on Notes..."

That's pretty funny Ben. Didn't know we had to classify everyone in order for them to have a valid opinion or account.

Nevermind the debacle that was WSE.

Kevin Mort, 2008-06-17

kevin, Ben is often best ignored.

volker Weber, 2008-06-17

It looks to me that Kevin has described a logical & reasonable approach to supporting his internal customers, and where his organisation is gradually moving to in terms of applications that are not supported by Lotus Notes.

This is a good illustration of how organisations move on from Lotus because they have to.

Peter Ellenby, 2008-06-18

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