New toy: Moto Q9

by Volker Weber


It's not exactly new. But I have had a very hard time getting hold of a Moto Q9 smartphone, and after about an hour of using it, I understand why Motorola never sent me one. I am still trying to find anything this phone can do better than a Samsung SGH-i600 for instance. The only thing that comes to mind so far is that it comes preloaded with an Opera browser.

Three very odd design choices: there is no dedicated backspace key, the shift key is on the right hand side, and Motorola invented yet another plug for charging, usb and headphones. Right, there is no headphone jack.


Only 24 hours later, I have given up on the Moto. There isn't anything this device does better than the Samsung SGH-i600 I upgraded to Windows Mobile 6. The Samsung is smaller, easier to handle, comes with WiFi, the lot.


Oh boy! This 'preview review' already says it all. Motorola is heading straight for disaster. No backspace key.. how stupid does one have to be?!

Markus Dierker, 2008-06-23

They always excelled in the invent-the-worst-user-experience contest. Don´t the product-designer have kids to have a QA done before proceeding to manufacture their phones?

Armin Roth, 2008-06-23

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